The Eight Am way

What we believe in

We believe in a world of sustainable increase for people and organizations. For us, the start of all transformation is always the human perspective. We help you create clarity in where you are today, prevailing conclusions and obstacles which are slowing down the change.

We are convinced that in order to create a successful and in the long run sustainable transformation, people need to be in focus. By going under the surface of all structures and systems and seeing what really drives change, we can create authentic actions that give clear results.

Meaningful dialogues are needed that involve and develop people and the business. When people are allowed to contribute and when leaders create space for experimentation and learning, a culture of curiosity, responsibility and innovation develops. In such an environment, successful development and change are created.

 What we do

We enable meaningful and real transformation for organizations and individuals. Together with us, individuals and groups gain insights and tools to focus on what is really important and make it happen.

We help you succeed with the transformation by together with you developing

How we do it


Purpose and Strategy

Purpose is the engine To succeed in transformation, we need to be sure that everyone knows why it is needed and how the organization’s purpose /../

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Leadership team

The management team’s leadership ability The new normal means that we need to deal with a higher degree of complexity, invite co-creation in order to /../

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Create true transformation Coaching is one of the most effective methods for driving development, change and innovation. Every day we meet leaders who have a /../

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Leadership Agility

Leadership that co-creates In the fast-moving and complex world we find ourselves in, new ways of leading and developing ourselves and the business emerge. We /../

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Communication is key to succeed in transformation We help you to simplify complex information to something that is easily understood, helping your employees to adapt /../

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